Thursday April 12th, 2012

Street Meet has been the centre of attention over the last couple of days in the City of Richmond.  We would love to be back in Richmond, but for the time being we will be focusing on some other avenues for the truck.  We are very thankful to the people of Richmond for all your support and hopefully food trucks will be permitted there soon.  We are hoping to work with the city to help create a program specific to Richmond. Thanks again.

Thursday April 5th, 2012

Street Meet’s launch was today in Richmond, and was it amazing.  We had such a great turnout of locals and others that were so excited to see Richmond’s first food truck rolling so close to them.  We sold out of many items on the very first day! We will be definitely be making weekly trips to Richmond to feed the hungry masses.  We will parked on Saba at 3 Road on Tuesdays and Thursdays, be there! Always remember to…


Saturday March 24th, 2012

Street Meet just teamed up with the Oceanwise program to help support the use of sustainable seafood.  We are only the second food truck in Vancouver to do so.  The truck is almost out of the shop and then we will be ready to hit the streets. We have been testing out menu items to make sure they are perfect before we launch.  We will be doing a pop up launch somewhere in the Vancouver area, so stayed tuned to our twitter page for more info.