Street Meet is a mobile restaurant that serves up the most delicious Mediterranean food using the best local and sustainable products that are available to us here on the West Coast of Canada. Established in 2012 by Chef Alessandro Vianello and Chef Mike Carter, both born and raised in Vancouver.


Between them, a combined 187 years of Vancouver and international based restaurant experience(Ok maybe more like 25). Their goal is to provide the people of Vancouver with easily accessible, addictive fine foods at a reasonable price.


Sustainability is a main focus and is at the forefront of Street Meet’s day to day business. We not only provide the appropriate receptacles for recycling and compost, but take the extra steps necessary to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. The truck and all its equipment are powered by propane which stated by the US Environmental Protection Agency, “Properly tuned propane engines produce up to 90% less carbon monoxide and 50% fewer toxins and smog producing emissions than gasoline”…not to mention, it’s less than half the price of gasoline, woot woot!! Street Meet will always refuse to sell such products as; farmed salmon, shark fin, non free range chicken, manatee, dolphin, baby seal, the rare white unicorn(due to excessive cost) and none of the human looking parts of a Centaur, cause that’s just weird. We will however serve; Sloping Hill Farms Pork, Pollderside Farms Chicken and Duck, Peace River Natural Organic Beef, Finest at Sea’s Oceanwise Seafood and the best local produce that BC has to offer, and occasionally, Grey Unicorn (when seasonally available).


To limit our waste footprint Street Meet chooses products that are packaged in sustainable materials wherever possible. As well as our takeout packaging and cutlery is 100% bio degradable. Our composting is done by the Red Devil composting machine using heat and bacterial microbes for high efficiency composting and our compost is donated to local urban gardens. Our used deep fryer oil is sold to the Bio Diesel Co-op of Vancouver to produce bio diesel.

Always Remember To MEET..EAT..REPEAT